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A Bad Day at the Office For Eames

John Eames started the day 7th in chips, with just under 200BB, but his mighty stack has crumbled into nothing in a series of bad beats and frustrated pots. We just saw him flop a set of eights on a rainbow board only to lose to a runner-runner flush against Jan Petersen, when all of the money went in on the turn. This reduced Eames to 40,000 and they went into the middle against Klimashin Nikolaevich in a flip. Eames held {A-Clubs} {Q-Diamonds} and Nikolaevich held {8-Diamonds} {8-Hearts} and after a {7-Spades} {4-Diamonds} {3-Spades} {10-Spades} {7-Hearts} board - Eames was out.

Igrač Čipovi Napredak
Jan Petersen
Jan Petersen
160,000 98,800
Klimashin Nikolaevich
Klimashin Nikolaevich
100,000 19,600
John Eames gb
John Eames
gb Out

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