Main Event

Flush For Hallaert

• Level 2: 75-150, 0 ante

There were five limpers before Ludovic Lacay raised to 550 in the small blind. Gilbert Abela called from under the gun, Kenny Hallaert called as did John Eames. The flop was {9-} {8-} {3-} (two spades), Lacay checked, Abela checked, Hallaert bet 3,100, Eames called, Lacay folded and Abela called.

Turn: {Q-Diamonds}

Abela checked, Hallaert bet 3,100 and both Eames and Abela made the call.

River: {Q-Spades}

Hallaert bet 5,500, Eames folded and Abela called. Hallaert turned over {6-Spades} {5-Spades} for the flush and Abela mucked his cards unseen. Eames told us that he folded {J-} {10-} after hitting the nuts on the turn.

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