High Roller

Baumstein's Broke

Scott Baumstein's trip jacks were no good.

When we reached the table, the board read {j-Clubs}{2-Diamonds}{j-Diamonds}{a-Clubs}. Scott Baumstein led out for 8,300 into a pot of around 14,500, and Jen Harman called. The river was the {q-Clubs}, and Baumstein led again - this time for 15,300. Harman tanked, took a close look at Baumstein's stack, and moved all in, having him covered.

"Aces? Queens?" Baumstein spat, ripping his sunglasses off of his face. "I'm not bluffing this time."

He riffled his chips, thinking aloud.

"This is so sick. I have a jack obviously."

He eventually stuck his stack in the middle, and Harman turned over {a-Diamonds}{j-Spades} for a full house. Baumstein stood up, tabled {j-Hearts}{9-Diamonds}, and left the tournament area.

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Jen Harman
Jen Harman
105,000 62,000
Scott Baumstein us
Scott Baumstein
us Out

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