Main Event

Sands' Baby Flush No Good


David "Doc" Sands was down to around half of the starting stack early, but has since doubled back. He dropped the following pot to give away a few thousand chips, but is still on 33,000 and change.

Sands and an opponent saw the {10-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds}{7-Diamonds} flop come out with approximately 5,000 chips in the middle. Both checked and the {8-Hearts} landed on the turn. Sands bet 3,750 and his opponent called. After the {A-Diamonds} landed on the river, both players checked.

Sands turned over the {2-Hearts}{2-Diamonds} for the smallest of all flushes. His opponent held the {A-Hearts}{8-Diamonds} for a better flush and won the pot.

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David Sands us
David Sands
us 33,700 18,700

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