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The 2001 WSOP Main Event champ is in the house today, and we haven't really gotten a chance to write much about Carlos Mortensen so far today. So here goes.

We walked up to his table with the flop already out on board, and there was 11,200 in the pot. The cards read {2-Diamonds} {3-Clubs} {8-Clubs}, and the player in the blinds had 7,500 chips out in front of him. Mortensen had raised with his full stack, and the bettor called all in for his last 22,500.

Mortensen tabled {9-Hearts} {9-Clubs} for the overpair, and the at-risk player needed some help for his {8-Spades} {6-Spades} to keep him alive. The turn {10-Hearts} and river {J-Hearts} were blanks, and Mortensen tallies the bounty to move to about 76,000 here with just a couple orbits left in Day 1b.

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Carlos Mortensen
es 76,000 56,000

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