Main Event

Hi, Martin!

• Level 28: 30,000-60,000, 5,000 ante

One of the many little things that sets the PCA apart from some of the other $10,000 tournaments in the world is that players are permitted to use electronics even when they're in the money. A couple of them are shuffling through their tunes, and most everyone has been taking the occasional Facebook and Twitter break in between hands.

Perhaps nobody is making better use of their electronics than Martin Jacobson, though. For the balance of the day, he's had his iPad on his lap under the table, and he's diligently refreshing our Live Reporting blog to keep up with the action at the other table, especially.

Hi, Martin!

Naturally, we appreciate the show of support from the players, and it does seem rather prudent of Jacobson to take advantage of all the tools available to him right now. Information is sacred in this game, and Jacobson has more of it than the other 12 who are only keeping up with the goings-on at their own table.

It seems like a good time to remind you that we have our own Live Reporting app for the iDevices. It's available right here, and it's free.

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