Main Event
Main Event
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Day 2 Completed: Iosif Beskrovnyy Leads As Money Bubble Looms

[user169806] • Level 14: 1,200-2,400, 300 ante
Iosif Beskrovnyy
Iosif Beskrovnyy

Day 2 of the European Poker Tour Prague Main Event has been completed after six 75-minute levels of intense poker were played out in the Hilton Prague Hotel. Leading the way going into Day 3 is Iosif Beskrovnyy and his 625,200 chips.

When play recommenced just after 12:00CET there 462 players spread across 52 tables, but the hopes and dreams of more than half those players lay in tatters as only 167 managed to navigate through the day’s proceedings with their chip stacks intact.

As mentioned, Beskrovnyy will be the man to catch when Day 3 gets under way on Wednesday afternoon, his 625,200 stack being enough to earn him the title of overnight chip leader. Despite starting Day 2 as one of the chip leaders, Beskrovnyy flew under the radar for the majority of the day until the PokerNews Live Reporting team found him tucked up in the corner of the room with a massive stack of colorful ceramic discs for company. Rest assured, Beskrovnyy will not be able to go about his business unnoticed on Day 3.

The fast and loose approach adopted by a large percentage of the field resulted in a number of large stacks won, lost and won again. Martin Hanowski was just one of many players who managed to accumulate a mountain of chips over the seven-and-a-half hours of poker. The flamboyant German started the day with 115,800 chips, but he ended with over four times that amount. Hanowski will begin Day 3 in second place with 484,000 chips.

American pro Todd Terry had the welcomed problem of trying to figure out how to fit 392,300 chips into a solitary chip bag when the curtain came down on proceedings. Terry began Day 2 with a substantial stack and he increased it further when he won a massive pot midway through the day. Terry found himself on the right side of an aces-versus-kings scenario, which catapulted him over 400,000 chips and he never looked back after that point.

Other notable players to keep an eye out for during play on Wednesday include Team PokerStars Pros Pier Fabretti (175,500), Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier and Johnny Lodden (67,500); Fabrice Soulier (396,200); Christopher Brammer (389,900); Ramzi Jelassi (306,600) Vincent van der Fluit (294,500) and Jeff Sarwer (211,700).

Of course, we should also remember those players who returned to their seats, but failed in their quest to progress in this spectacular event. Hitting the rail at various points of the day were the likes of Chris Moorman, Toby Lewis, Craig McCorkell, Jake Cody, Fabian Quoss, Martin Finger, David Peters and Team PokerStars Pros Jason Mericer; Toni Judet; Eugene Katchalov; Richard Toth; Marcin Horecki and Alex Kravchenko. Commiserations to them all.

Day 3 will kick off as close to 12:00CET as possible and we believe we will play between five and seven 90-minute levels. With just 167 players remaining and the top 128 players being paid, the money bubble should burst relatively early on Wednesday so make sure you lock your browsers to the PokerNews Live Reporting pages as we strive to bring you updates of all the action, as it happens, in the EPT Prague Main Event.

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Official End-of-Day Counts

Iosif Beskrovnyy 625,200
Martin Hanowski de 484,000 63,000
Sergio Aido Espina 416,400 124,400
Cesar Garcia Dominguez 410,900 92,900
Robert Kokoska cz 403,400
Fabrice Soulier fr 396,200 231,200
Todd Terry us 392,300 -22,700
Chris Brammer gb 389,900
Mads Amot no 377,400 207,400
Dany Parlafes ro 375,000 375,000
Petr Jelinek 366,600 91,600
Tudor Purice ro 347,100 127,100
Manuel Bevand fr 343,300 48,300
Aleh Plauski 340,100
Eros Nastasi 327,900 327,900
Mikhail Zabrovskiy 321,600 6,600
Oleg Perepletchikov 320,500 105,500
Enver Khvitia 310,900 58,900
Olvedo Heinze nl 310,900 310,900
Ramzi Jelassi se 306,600
Sebastian Gohr gb 306,500
Vincent van der Fluit nl 294,500
Samuli Johannes Sipila 292,500 -27,500
Danilo Donnini it 285,000 285,000
Alexander Goulder 282,000 66,000

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Three More Hands

• Level 14: 1,200-2,400, 300 ante

The tournament staff has just announced the remaining players will play three more hands before bagging and tagging for the night. We're off to grab some chip counts, so be sure to stay tuned for those and our full recap of Day 2.

Lodden's Luck Returns

Johnny Lodden
Johnny Lodden

After a great start and a shocking middle period, Johnny Lodden's luck is turning round as we approach the end of the day's play.

An opponent opened to 5,200 with {9-Clubs}{9-Diamonds} and called when Lodden three-bet all in for 35,300 from the button with {a-Hearts}{q-Clubs}.

The board ran {q-Hearts}{3-Clubs}{2-Diamonds}{2-Hearts}{3-Hearts} to make the Team PokerStars Pro Three-pair!

Johnny Lodden no 75,000 -80,000

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You Show First


Lardo Leheste led out for 9,200 on a board of {q-Spades}{6-Diamonds}{j-Hearts}{j-Diamonds}. Jonathan Khalifa announced, "raise," then tossed out 23,200. Leheste quickly called.

The {4-Hearts} completed the board, and Leheste checked. Khalifa thought for a bit, then opted to check behind.

Neither player wanted to show, but Khalifa was the last aggressor. He was forced to table {k-Hearts}{2-Hearts} for king-high, and Leheste showed {a-Clubs}{q-Diamonds} for queens and jacks.

Leheste chipped up to over 200,000 chips, while Khalifa slipped to 103,500.

Lardo Leheste ee 210,000 108,000
Jonathan Khalifa 103,500 -52,500

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Jelassi Sends Tschirch To The Rail

Marc Tschirch got his stack all in preflop holding {J-Hearts}{8-Hearts} and was behind the {A-Hearts}{Q-Diamonds} of Ramzi Jelassi. Despite being behind, Tschirch seemed hopeful. Unfortunately for him, that hope was slowly distinguished as the board ran out an uneventful {3-Hearts}{10-Spades}{4-Clubs}{A-Clubs}{4-Diamonds}.

"Good game," Tschirch said as Jelassi was pushed the pot.

Ramzi Jelassi se 290,000 268,000
Marc Tschirch Out

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Kovalchuk Starts To Rebuild


Oleksii Kovalchuk had started to flirt with the 300,000 chip barrier, but had lost a couple of pots and dropped to 200,000. Checking on his rebuilding process, we saw him raise two pots in a row and win them both.

The first saw him open to 5,000 on the button and win the blinds and antes. The second he increased the raise to 5,500 in the hijack and again he won the blinds and antes. Easy game.

Oleksii Kovalchuk ua 235,000 -24,000

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