Main Event

Seat 6: Mark Herm, 27, Philadelphia, USA - 1,700,000


The lone American remaining in Prague, Mark Herm has had seven World Series cashes and one at the PCA but none on this side of the Atlantic. The 27-year-old from Philadelphia turned pro after leaving college seven years ago. He began with a $50 deposit online, grinding limit hold’em games and running it up to more than $1,000.

After leaving college he took up poker professionally and has never looked back. Herm says he is primarily an online tournament player and this is his first EPT in mainland Europe, which he claimed was a good way to avoid being bored. It’s made for a profitable week. “There’s no online poker back home,” said Herm. “Prague is a cool city and we wanted to check it out, more for travelling rather than poker.”

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