€5,300 Main Event

ElkY Chopped Down

• Level 4: 100-200, 25 ante
Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier

A tale of two ace-kings has put paid to Bertrand Grospellier's hopes of a second EPT title. First he called Tommie Janssen's all in on the river of an {A-Diamonds}{6-Diamonds}{7-Hearts}{K-Spades}{5-Clubs} board with {A-Spades}{K-Hearts} only to find Janssen with {7-Diamonds}{7-Clubs}.

This left the Frenchman with just 1,400 left which went in with {A-Diamonds}{K-Spades} soon after against {10-Hearts}{8-Hearts} but the latter flopped a flush on the {4-Hearts}{7-Hearts}{2-Hearts}{6-Diamonds}{9-Clubs} board to knock out the Team PokerStars Pro.

Chip Counts
Tommie Janssen nl 55,000 55,000
Bertrand Grospellier fr Out