Event #58: $10,000 Main Event

Poirier Climbs Up The Counts

We just came into another huge pot where we got our second player over 700,000.

Poirier raised from under the gun to 12,500 and and a player in middle position re-raised to 26,000. Poirier made the call and the two saw the {5-Diamonds}{2-Clubs}{a-Hearts} flop. Poirier bet out 37,000 and his opponent just called.

The turn came the {a-Diamonds} and Poirier check-called a bet of 38,000 from the middle position player. The river was the {j-Diamonds} and Poirier checked. The middle position player cut out a bet of 99,000 and after a minute or so, Poirier went all in for close to 185,000 more. Eventually the middle position player called and Poirier showed {a-Clubs}{j-Hearts} His opponent instantly mucked but flipped over a {k-} in the process. Later he did announce he had {a-}{k-} and was only beaten on the river.

Either way, Poirier took down the enormous pot and now has around 730,000. He is only our second player over 700,000 so far

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Patrick Poirier
Patrick Poirier

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