Event #58: $10,000 Main Event

Hellmuth Dodging More Bullets

Phil Hellmuth

Action moved to Kevin Howe in middle position and he raised to 5,500. Phil Hellmuth was the only player to called and he was acting from the big blind. The flop came down {K-Clubs}{6-Diamonds}{2-Hearts} and Hellmuth checked. Howe fired 7,500 and Hellmuth quickly called.

The turn was the {9-Spades} and Hellmuth checked to Howe again. Howe fired 22,000 and instantly, Hellmuth chuckled and said, "One of these times, buddy. One of these times," while tossing over the {K-Spades}{Q-Diamonds} to fold top pair. Howe showed Hellmuth the {A-Hearts}{A-Clubs}.

Igrač Čipovi Napredak
98,000 35,000

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