Event #58: $10,000 Main Event

Hewitt Takes Huge Chunk Out of Giannetti

John Hewitt

John Hewitt opened to 350,000, and the action folded to Matt Giannetti who called on the button. The flop fell {4-Diamonds}{j-Clubs}{q-Spades}, and Hewitt led for 430,000. Giannetti called, and the turn was the {6-Spades}. Hewitt led again - this time for 680,000 - and Giannetti again called.

The river was the {a-Hearts}, and Hewitt fired a third bullet worth 1.23 million. Giannetti tanked for a bit, then raised to 4 million straight. Hewitt looked like he was going to be ill. He put his head in his hands, and sat silently for the better part of five minutes. Finally, he sheepishly said call, turning over {6-Diamonds}{6-Clubs} for a set of sixes. Giannetti mucked, and Hewitt raked in the massive pot.

Igrač Čipovi Napredak
14,180,000 5,880,000
Matt Giannetti us
Matt Giannetti
us 10,545,000 -5,460,000

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