Event #58: $10,000 Main Event

Bellande On A Mission

Jean-Robert Bellande

A more serious than usual Jean-Robert Bellande is very deep into Twitter on his IPad and his headphones are securely on his head. Even during a hand, Bellande will barely look up and he seems almost focused to the point of being anxious. Maybe it's because Bellande has been seen playing most of the events at this year's WSOP and has only two min-cahses to show for it. Everyone knows Bellande's stories of being broke and constantly deep into backer's funds etc. so this is his last chance of the series to make up for it all and get the deep run he has been searching for. The poker pro and former Survivor contestant made a deep run in last year's main when he finished 78th, and now with a double stack early, he clearly on a mission to not let this one get away from him. He lost the following hand but still has quite a few chips behind

Bellande opened from early position for 700 and got calls from both the small and big blinds. The flop came down {4-Clubs}{3-Hearts}{2-Diamonds} and both players checked to Bellande who bet 1,700. The small blind called and the big blind folded.

The turn came {2-Hearts} and both players checked. The river came the {j-Spades} and the small blind bet out 5,000. Bellande looked up for the first time all hand and gave an intense glare to his opponent. Eventually Bellande made the call and the small blind flipped over {q-}{q-}. Bellande seemed unable to let go of his cards and gave a disappointing head shake before finally tossing them to the muck. He still has around 55,000 which is a huge stack at the moment. All eyes will be on Bellande to see if he can go deep again and redeem himself for his so far abysmal 2011 WSOP.

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