Event #58: $10,000 Main Event

Juanda Jetting Home

In a recent hand at Table 55 a player put out a bet from early position and action folded to John Juanda in the cut off. Juanda moved all in for 13,250, it looked like action would fold back around to the initial raiser, but the big blind announced call, and Juanda was officially at risk as the initial raiser folded.

Juanda then tabled {k-Clubs}{Q-Diamonds} while his opponent flipped over {A-Hearts}{A-Spades}. It was off to the flop then to see if Juanda would be staying around or making a quick exit here on day 1d. The flop came {Q-Spades}{4-Hearts}{4-Clubs} giving Juanda a queen, but essentially knocking out any chance of winning if a king were to fall on the turn or river. The {9-Diamonds} on fourth street helped no one and Juanda was going to need a queen and a queen only to stay alive. He received no such luck as the {7-Spades} rolled off the deck and Juanda was eliminated.

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