Event #58: $10,000 Main Event

Boucai Gets Off One Stop Before Valuetown

We missed the preflop action, but it looks like Lisa Hamilton raised under the gun before the flop, and she was heads-up with big blind Regis Boucai when we walked up. The flop was showing {4-Clubs} {Q-Hearts} {5-Spades}, and Hamilton continued out with 2,100 more chips. Boucai check-raised to 5,000 straight, and Hamilton called to see the {4-Hearts} turn. Boucai fired another 7,000 at the pot, and Hamilton didn't waste much time calling. The {10-Spades} filled out the board, and now Boucai took a long pause before checking. Hamilton took her cue to bet 9,000, and Boucai tanked and surrendered his cards into the muck.

Igrač Čipovi Napredak
53,000 21,650

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