Event #58: $10,000 Main Event

Selbst Can't Get Anything Going

Vanessa Selbst

Team Pokerstars Pro (USA) Vanessa Selbst had a high point of around 40,000 today, but since then, she really hasn't gotten much going and has fallen to about half starting stack.

We came into a hand where she had bet 1,300 from the small blind on a board reading {3-Spades}{a-Diamonds}{j-Hearts}{10-Hearts}. A player in middle position called and the two saw the river {7-Spades}. Selbst again bet 1,300 and the player again called. Selbst mucked her hand before the other player even showed his. She is sitting with around 16,500 right now and will need to make moves at the end of the day if she hopes to have a chance of making Day 2 with any chips to play with.

Igrač Čipovi Napredak
Vanessa Selbst us
Vanessa Selbst
us 16,500 1,500

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