Event #58: $10,000 Main Event

From the Fairway to the Felt

• Level 1: 50-100, 0 ante
Paul Pritchett

Over on Table 290 in the Blue section, we find a gentleman using a golf ball in a clear, plastic display case as a card capper. We recognize him as Paul Pritchett, and he's here with one of the more interesting stories we've heard today.

Pritchett plays golf about 100 days a year, which is tough to do when you live in Ontario, Canada. On September 24th of last year, the Turnberry Golf Club hosted an 80-player golf & poker tournament, and Pritchett was in attendance. There were two Main Event seats up for grabs, one to the winner of the poker tournament, and the other to the first hole-in-one of the day.

Pritchett finished fourth in the poker tournament that evening, but he was already freerolling the seat. A 188-yard Par 3 had bene no match for his 4-Iron earlier in the day, and Pritchett put his tee shot dead in the cup, punching his ticket to Vegas today.

The lucky golfer is sitting at a table that includes Jan Fisher and Bill Gazes, and our gorilla math tells us that he has to be one of the favorites to win.

Odds of getting a hole in one: ~1 in 10,000
Odds of winning the Main Event: ~1 in 7,000


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