Event #58: $10,000 Main Event

The WSOP in the 1990s

• Level 4: 150-300, 25 ante

We're moving through the decades as we bring you interesting stats from the 42-year history of the World Series of Poker; as such, it is time to look back on the 1990's, the same decade most the fresh 21-year old players were born in:

Top 10 1990s WSOP Most Money Won

PlacePlayerMoney Won
1Huck Seed$1,614,844
2John Bonetti$1,417,117
3Hamid Dastmalchi$1,324,850
4Erik Seidel$1,297,146
5Dan Harrington$1,277,608
6Scotty Nguyen$1,254,607
7Phil Hellmuth$1,237,875
8Mansour Matloubi$1,214,062
9T.J. Cloutier$1,212,806
10Brad Daugherty$1,112,479

Top 10 1990s WSOP Most Bracelets

1Phil Hellmuth5
2Men Nguyen4
Erik Seidel4
4T.J. Cloutier3
Ted Forrest3
John Bonetti3
727 Players Tied2

Top 10 1990s WSOP Most Cashes

PlacePlayer# of Cashes
1An Tran24
Men Nguyen24
3T.J. Cloutier23
Mike Sexton23
5Brent Carter22
Berry Johnston22
7Chris Bjorin20
John Bonetti20
Erik Seidel20
Ken Flaton20