Event #58: $10,000 Main Event

I'm Thinking of a Number

• Level 2: 100-200, 0 ante

Getting the official number of players from the staff is a bit like pulling alligator teeth today as they're choosing to keep that info very close to the vest. Still, we're doing what we can to gather intel. We know that we crossed the 6,000-player mark sometime yesterday evening, and the field has continued to grow significantly over the last 24 hours. Based on the limited info from the staff and a quick count of the tables in play, we can safely say that at least 2,800 players have registered for this Day 1d, bringing the total number up over 6,800. That means we've already surpassed the 6,494 players from 2009, and we've likely bested the 6,844 from 2008 as well. It looks like we'll come up a bit short of last year's 7,319, but it's still a possibility with registration open for some time yet.

Again, this is all unofficial. But still. The third-largest Main Event in history? In a supposedly down year? That's quite a feat, and we'd imagine there'll be a few bottles of the bubbly in the staff room later tonight.

YearChampionRunner-UpField Size
2003Chris MoneymakerSam Farha839
2004Greg RaymerDavid Williams2,576
2005Joe HachemSteve Dannenmann5,619
2006Jamie GoldPaul Wasicka8,773
2007Jerry YangTuan Lam6,358
2008Peter EastgateIvan Demidov6,844
2009Joe CadaDarvin Moon6,494
2010Jonathan DuhamelJohn Racener7,319