Event #58: $10,000 Main Event

Poker Is Played With 52 Cards....Right?

• Level 9: 500-1,000, 100 ante

We just heard an uproar from Table #261 as they demanded a count of the deck they had been playing with. Apparently, after 40 minutes of play with the same deck and dealer, a new dealer pushed and immediately felt the deck being short some cards. Then, one of the players at the table demanded a count of the deck and it was in fact eight cards short. One of the players at the table said jokingly, "Yeah, I mean I figured something was wrong when no one was hitting any flops at all."

The player who noticed the deck said, "When she seemed like something was wrong with the deck, I told her 'You better count those cards before you deal them out', and sure enough I was right. The floor just ran away with the setup and gave us a new one, but it's kind of ridiculous you know?"

Another player at the table asked the media members surrounding the table, "What do you think we should get in compensation?" Everyone seemed to agree an apology was in order to which she said, "Not on my watch, we better get something!" The table echoed her sentiments.

Players at the table next to them including 2006 Main Event Champ Jamie Gold, and Ray Henson were also curious as to what was going on, especially whether the cards had been found. Henson said, "I'm pretty sure I could feel a deck and know if it was short some cards, especially if it was that many." Gold then chimed in, "They can't just let this go, they should be searching every player at that table to make sure they weren't taking cards out of the deck the whole time."

The table is now playing with a new deck, and you better bet they are sure they have all 52 this time. If we hear anything else as to what happened to those missing eight cards or where the mystery setup has run off to, we'll let you know.