Event #58: $10,000 Main Event

Day 5 - Who Will Emerge?

Manoj Viswanathan leading with over two million.

Welcome back to Day 5 of the 2011 WSOP Main Event where 378 players from the 852 that started yesterday will return. This will mark the first day that all of the remaining players are in the money. At the top of the counts is the only player over the two million chip mark, Manoj Viswanathan (2,115,000)

Followed closely behind Viswanathan and rounding out the top 10 are Sam Barnhart, Pius Heiz, Stephane Albertini, Daryl Jace, Lars Bonding, Kyle Johnson, Matthew Kay, Mazin Khoury and Max Heinzelmann.

We expect an entertaining ESPN feature table with Daniel Negreanu and Jean-Robert Bellande among others. Chip leader Viswanathan will start at the secondary feature table.

With no player having separated themselves from the pack yet, will today be the day that someone emerges as a massive chip leader on their way to the November Nine? The likes of Bryon Devonshire, JP Kelly, Ben Lamb, Sebastian Ruthenberg, David Bach, Tony Hachem, Garry Gates and Eli Elezra are some of the players left that are hoping to accomplish that.

Unlike previous days where we have known exactly how many levels will be played, today will either be four or five two hour levels which will be determined by the WSOP staff depending on how the bustouts are coming along. In any case, stayed tuned with us here at PokerNews as we will have all of the action underway in around 20 minutes.