Event #58: $10,000 Main Event

Dinner Time For the 32

• Level 29: 50,000-100,000, 10,000 ante
Matt Giannetti

We've reached the end of the day's third level, and the 32 remaining players have been sent out of the room for their two-hour dinner break. With the flurry of action we've seen in the last six hours, we'd expect they'll enjoy this down time away from the tables.

So what's happened so far then? First of all, it appears that we have a new chip leader as the dinner bell tolls. With a tip of his hat to Hilton Laborda, Matt Giannetti has pushed himself into the top spot with more than 14.3 chips. It was a pair of coolers that helped him achieve that count, and both of them came at Laborda's expense. Twice during the last level, Laborda made a strong club flush with suited cards in his hand, and both times, he was handily beaten by a Giannetti full house. The second one sent the last-standing Brazilian out of the Main Event in 36th place, and Giannetti took a moment to bathe in the warm glow of the mothership's lights as he stacked up his chip-leading fortress of chips

Another big mover during the matinee session was Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly, who actually doubled up through Giannetti very early in the day with ace-king against ace-jack. Just a few minutes later, the Brit sent two-time bracelet winner Minh Nguyen to the rail when his ace-jack got there against Nguyen's superior ace-queen, and he's more or less held course since then. At the break, Kelly stacks up with 10.25 million to put him comfortably above the chip average.

The name Aleksandr Mozhnyakov has appeared back near the top of the counts as well, and Ben Lamb has been plugging right along in his plot to collect all 205+ million chips in play. He appears to be in third place at the break with 13.035 million, but we'll grab some full hard counts as soon as the tables clear. Moving right along, Bryan Devonshire also had a fine first half to his Day 7, one that's kept him tweeting at a break-neck pace. The big news for Devo came during the last level when his {A-Diamonds} {A-Clubs} crippled Guillaume Darcourt and his {K-Hearts} {K-Clubs}. He's close to 8 million at the recess, right around the same count as another gregarious pro, Phil Collins. That's 8 million more than Darcourt, who was eliminated as the last Frenchman to fall a short while after his kings-versus-aces encounter.

There's a lot more to catch up on, though, and it's a good thing you've got two hours to do so. Have a read back through the blog, check out some photos and videos, and join us back here at 8:25 P.M. local time as we continue to write the story of the 2011 WSOP Main Event!