Event #65: $10,000 Main Event

Palmer Takes Huge Chunk From Aoki

• Level 24: 15,000-30,000, 5,000 ante
Scott Palmer

We arrived at the table to find a sizable pot brewing between Mikiyo Aoki and Scott Palmer on a board of {9-Clubs}{8-Hearts}{3-Clubs}{k-Spades}. Aoki checked the turn over to Palmer on the button. He came out with a bet of 375,000 and Aoki called to see the final card.

The {2-Spades} dropped down on fifth street and Aoki came out swinging for what looked to be 400,000. Palmer replied by moving all in, prompting a quick fold from Aoki. With this hit, she's down to about 1.235 million. Palmer, on the other hand, has soared to 5.95 million in chips.

Igrač Čipovi Napredak
Scott Palmer us
Scott Palmer
us 5,950,000 1,810,000
Mikiyo Aoki us
Mikiyo Aoki
us 1,235,000 -1,565,000

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