Event #65: $10,000 Main Event

Scott Palmer Eliminated in 19th Place ($286,900)

• Level 32: 100,000-200,000, 30,000 ante
Scott Palmer - 19th place

Table 3

Hand #73: Christopher Greaves opened to 500,000 from the cutoff only to have Scott Palmer three-bet all in from the small blind for about 3.7 million. Action folded back to Greaves and he called.

Greaves: {A-Hearts}{A-Spades}
Palmer: {2-Diamonds}{2-Clubs}

Greaves was in a dominating position with his pocket aces heading to the community cards. The flop came down {9-Spades}{3-Hearts}{4-Clubs}, keeping Greaves in the lead. The {3-Spades} paired the board on the river, meaning Palmer needed to catch one of the remaining deuces on the river in order to stay alive.

The river was the {3-Diamonds}, eliminating Palmer from play and giving Greaves the sizable pot. With Palmer's elimination, the field will redraw to the final two tables.

Chip Counts
Christopher Greaves us 9,855,000 4,325,000
Scott Palmer us Out

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