Event #65: $10,000 Main Event

The March to the Final Three Tables Begins Here on Day 6

Mark Newhouse eyes back-to-back November Nines.
Mark Newhouse eyes back-to-back November Nines.

Welcome back to the 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event! What began with 6,683 players is now down to the final 79 players, and the man leading the pack is a familiar face in Mark Newhouse. One year ago, Newhouse made the November Nine with 7.3 million, and now, 70 players away from the final table, he actually has more chips now with 7.4 million. Newhouse is looking to become the first player to make the November Nine twice — and first player to make back-to-back final tables since Dan Harrington did it in 2003 and 2004 — and he's put himself in a good position to do it.

Newhouse has plenty of tough company toward the top of the counts. Players chasing him include Kyle Keranen (6.67 million), who finished as the Day 5 chip leader in the 2012 WSOP Main Event; online legend Scott Palmer (6.595 million); Brazilian Bruno Politano (5.475 million); accomplished high-stakes player "King" Dan Smith (5.36 million); Iaron Lightbourne (4.975 million), who eliminated Jerry Yang earlier this tournament; 2006 Main Event 11th-place finisher and bracelet winner Leif Force (4.745 million); and one of Britain's best in Craig McCorkell (4.355 million).

Several other notable players didn’t bag quite as much but are still in contention including Martin Jacobson (3.925 million), Bryan Devonshire (3.83 million), Andrey Zaichenko (3.565 million), Matt Waxman (3.125 million), Isaac Baron (3 million), and Brian Hastings (2.945 million). Maria Ho, meanwhile, outlasted every other woman who entered the tournament after Mikiyo Aoki fell in one of the last hands of Day 5. Impressively, Ho pulled off the same feat in 2007, when she cashed 38th for $237,865. Ho will begin Day 6 with a short stack of 435,000.

Cards will be back in the air at 12 p.m. local time, which is less than an hour from now. The PokerNews Live Reporting team will be on hand to deliver all of the action and the field looks to play down to the final 24 players. Be sure to stay tuned for all the action and eliminations from Day 6 of the 2014 WSOP Main Event from the Rio All-Suite Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada!

While you wait, check out this video where Ho talks with Remko Rinkema about attempting to better her 38th-place finish from 2007:

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Day 6 Table and Seat Draw

3731Vitaly Lunkin1,080,000
3732Clayton Maguire2,400,000
3733Scott Mahin1,095,000
3734Mark Newhouse7,400,000
3735Anh Van Nguyen650,000
3736Chris Odle455,000
3737Benjamin Gold560,000
3738Christopher Greaves2,800,000
3739Matthew Haugen760,000
3741Michael Stembera1,090,000
3742Brian Roberts2,165,000
3743Aaron Kaiser1,015,000
3744Oscar Kemps2,435,000
3745Jason Weber4,130,000
3746Andrey Zaichenko3,565,000
3747Clayton Hamm2,250,000
3748Iaron Lightbourne4,975,000
3749Brian Hastings2,945,000
3751Andoni Larrabe5,470,000
3752Stuart Rutter1,070,000
3754Henrik Hecklen1,670,000
3755William Pappaconstantinou3,370,000
3756Pfizer Jordan965,000
3757Alexios Zervos1,380,000
3758Scott Palmer6,595,000
3759Chanracy Khun1,445,000
3771Vadzim Markushevski1,360,000
3772Paul Senter1,350,000
3773Michael Finstein2,025,000
3774Ryan Fair3,500,000
3775David Tuthill970,000
3776Martin Jacobson3,925,000
3777Isaac Baron3,000,000
3778Daniel Wilson1,645,000
3779William Cole2,055,000
3781Chad Eveslage2,115,000
3782Kyung Cha2,720,000
3783Peter Placey3,415,000
3784Yorane Kerignard1,750,000
3785William Tonking1,295,000
3786Dong Guo3,800,000
3787Nathan Goldstein500,000
3788David Yingling820,000
3789Dan Sindelar5,240,000
3791Jason Leifer1,620,000
3792Thomas Sarra Jr3,005,000
3793Kyle Bowker920,000
3794Dan Smith5,360,000
3795Gal Erlichman1,650,000
3796Maximilian Senft1,765,000
3797Shahen Martirosian3,565,000
3798Bruno Politano5,475,000
3799Bryan Devonshire3,830,000
3801Michael Kamran2,600,000
3802Leif Force4,745,000
3803Craig McCorkell4,355,000
3804Maria Ho435,000
3805Trevor Martin1,730,000
3806Robert Park4,275,000
3807Jeffrey Loiacono2,585,000
3808Zachary Hirst1,820,000
3809Garrett Greer1,135,000
3841Chris Johnson700,000
3842Jorryt van Hoof3,900,000
3843Gabe Paul1,105,000
3844Matt Waxman3,125,000
3845Felix Stephensen1,355,000
3846Luis Velador3,780,000
3847Sean Dempsey1,960,000
3848Steven Bennett1,280,000
3849Kyle Keranen6,670,000
3851Tony Ruberto5,235,000
3852Eddy Sabat2,215,000
3853Luis Assuncao2,785,000
3854Zachary Walker485,000
3855Jason Johnson3,470,000
3857Vladimir Bozinovic2,910,000
3858Adam Lamphere470,000
3859Robert Campbell3,215,000
Event #65: $10,000 Main Event
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