Event #65: $10,000 Main Event

Level 28 Expires: Erlichman, Kaiser & Placey Fall; Velador Chips Up

• Level 29: 50,000-100,000, 10,000 ante
Luis Velador

Level 28 turned out to be a slow level, at least as far as eliminations were concerned. The level began with 37 players, and after two hours of play 34 of them are still in contention.

Before anyone hit the rail in Level 28, a new chip leader emerged in Luis Velador. The two-time bracelet winner played a big 8.5 million pot against Kyle Keranen in which pocket queens helped vault Velador into the chip lead with nearly 15 million. However, by the end of the level Martin Jacobson would reclaim the top spot on the chip counts.

The first elimination of the level came in a cooler when Gal Erlichman's pocket kings ran into the aces of Dan Sindelar. Erlichman finished in 37th place for $186,388. The final 36 players were guaranteed $230,487 in prize money, and no one was happier about it that Aaron Kaiser, who utilized some controversial stalling tactics to bleed the clock and ladder up. That is as far as he would go though as Dan Smith would send him packing a short time later.

The only other player to fall in Level 28 was Peter Placey, who flopped a pair of aces with a queen kicker, but was way behind Jacobson's ace-king. Placey exited in 35th place for $230,487.

When the players return, they will either play one more level or down to the final 24, whichever comes first. While you wait for action to resume, check out this interview with Bryan Devonshire, who is making yet another deep run in the WSOP Main Event:

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