Event #65: $10,000 Main Event

Day 7 Stats: Secondary Table

• Level 32: 100,000-200,000, 30,000 ante

Since we’re covering every hand here on Day 7 of the Main Event, we will also be tracking the preflop statistics for each player still alive. These stats help tell the story of the action thus far (see the descriptions of each indicator below).

Which player has been those most active? Who has been sitting back and folding? Have a see for yourself.


Andrey Zaichenko4912.2%10.2%2.0%
Eddy Sabat4918.4%6.1%4.1%
William Pappaconstantinou5016.0%6.0%4.0%
Oscar Kemps7317.8%16.4%0.0%
Christopher Greaves7319.2%9.6%2.7%
William Tonking5028.0%12.0%6.0%
Jorryt van Hoof5020.0%14.0%2.0%
Martin Jacobson4928.6%14.3%6.1%
Dan Sindelar7327.4%19.2%1.4%

VPIP%: The percentage a player voluntarily puts chips into the pot preflop. This includes raising, calling, and completing the blind, but does not include checking the option from the big blind. The higher the VPIP%, the more active the player.

PFR%: The percentage a player is raising preflop. This includes an open raise, a three-bet, a four-bet, and so on.

3B%: The percentage a player is reraising preflop.