Event #58: $10,000 Main Event

Oh Yes for Ionel, Oh No for Yeh

We caught up with the action on an {A-}{8-}{7-} flop where Anthony Yeh checked and a player bet 500. Anton Ionel came in with a raise to 1,100 but Yeh answered with a re-raise to 3,700. The player who made it 500 folded and Ionel called.

On the {Q-} turn, Yeh fired a bet of 5,700 which Ionel called. The {K-} hit the river and Yeh made it 7,600. Ionel raised all in and Yeh called with {7-}{7-} for a flopped set. Unfortunately for him, Ionel had {J-}{10-} for Broadway to cripple Yeh who was eliminated shortly after.

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Anthony Yeh
Anthony Yeh

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