Event #53: $10,000 Ladies No-Limit Hold'em Championship

Patricia Cahill Eliminated in 9th Place ($11,504)

[user270022] • Level 20: 5,000-10,000, 1,000 ante
Patricia Cahill - 9th Place

Hand #11: Persia Bonella open-shoved from middle position and picked up the blinds and antes.

Hand #12: Pat Landis opened to 25,000 from the cutoff seat, Haixia Zhang three bet to 70,000 on the button, and Landis folded.

Hand #13: Zhang started the action with a raise of 25,000 from the cutoff seat, Patricia Cahill three bet shoved from the button, and Zhang made the call putting Cahill.

Zhang: {k-Diamonds}{k-Spades}
Cahill: {a-Hearts}{8-Diamonds}

Cahill was in trouble and needed some help to stay alive. The dealer delivered a {4-Spades}{5-Clubs}{6-Spades}{9-Clubs}{j-Hearts} board and Cahill was eliminated.

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