Event #65: $10,000 Main Event

Eveslage Flops the Nuts for the Double

• Level 25: 20,000-40,000, 5,000 ante

Chad Eveslage moved in preflop for 560,000 from the cutoff and Jeffrey Loiacono tank-called from the small blind. Mike Stembera released his big blind, and it was off to the races.

Eveslage: {K-Hearts}{Q-Diamonds}
Loiacono: {A-Hearts}{10-Clubs}

The {J-Hearts}{A-Diamonds}{10-Spades} flop hit both players hard, but Eveslage jumped in front with Broadway. He needed to face an ace or a ten to survive, and he did just that with the {8-Spades} turn and {9-Spades} river.

Igrač Čipovi Napredak
Jeffrey Loiacono us
Jeffrey Loiacono
us 2,785,000 -635,000
Chad Eveslage us
Chad Eveslage
us 1,190,000 530,000

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