Event #7: €10,400 Main Event Championship


• Level 11: 800-1,600, 200 ante

We're on the final 20-minute break of the night.

Corkins Ropes a Pot

Hoyt Corkins raised to 3,300 before the flop, and Rifat Palovic three-bet to 10,500 out of position. Corkins didn't waste much time calling, and off they went to the flop.

It came {10-Hearts} {3-Diamonds} {8-Spades}, and Corkins called a continuation bet. On the {Q-Hearts} turn, Palevic tried again with another 20,900. Corkins flatted once again, and the {Q-Diamonds} paired the board on the river. Palevic stacked together a bet of about 27,000, then gazed up at the pot and paused. He reached back into his stack and made his tower of chips 55,400 tall, then glanced up at Corkins. Palevic put his hand behind the would-be bet, pump faked... and then checked. Corkins checked it right back, and Palevic led out a loud, "Uhhhhhhh!" He instantly slid his cards into the muck.

Corkins showed up {10-Clubs} {J-Hearts} to win the pot. The two men are essentially even now with about 400,000 chips apiece.

Rifat Palevic se
Rifat Palevic
se 395,000 -47,000
Hoyt Corkins us
Hoyt Corkins
us 395,000 50,000

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Moorman Folds to Antonius


With a bit over 32,000 chips already in the middle, the board was {9-Diamonds}{5-Clubs}{4-Clubs}{6-Hearts}. Chris Moorman fired 18,800 into his opponent Patrik Antonius. Antonius thought for a little bit and then raised to 46,000. Moorman went into the tank for quite some time. These two players do have a bit of a history together as they spent a lot of time playing together at the 2011 Aussie Millions in Melbourne back in January, so some of that may have been running through Moorman's mind.

Eventually, Moorman folded his hand. When he did so, he accidentally turned over the {9-Hearts}. Antonius didn't show and raked in the pot.

Chris Moorman gb
Chris Moorman
gb 220,000 95,000
Patrik Antonius fi
Patrik Antonius
fi 180,000

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Weisner In A Pickle

Melanie Weisner
Melanie Weisner

James Schafer raised to 3,600 in mid-position and Melanie Weisner three-bet to 10,000 on the button. Next to act was Fernando Gomez in the small blind and he moved all-in for 44,300. Schafer took quite a while to make his decision.

"I don't know what to do?" Said Schafer before eventually folding.

"Now, I am in a pickle," said Weisner, "will you show if I fold" She asked.

"Yes," replied Gomez.

"Oh no! That means I should call," said Weisner before burying her head in her hands, "you wouldn't bluff in this spot. Never!" Said Weisner before folding.

Gomez showed {Q-} {Q-} and Weisner and Schafer were obviously both content with their decision

Melanie Weisner us
Melanie Weisner
us 55,000 -24,000

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Mustapha Kanit

Mustapha Kanit, the master of little pots
Mustapha Kanit, the master of little pots

Mustapha Kanit is closing in on Rifat Pavelic and Hoyt Corkins. Kanit is one of the Partouche Main Event November Nine so he has come into this event full of confidence. We asked him how he accumulated such a big chip stack, "just lots of lots of little pots," he replied.

Well he must have won a lot of them because he has 320,000!

We do know that he eliminated David Bach in one of his so-called little pots when his pair of jacks lasted the course against Bachs' pocket nines.

Mustapha Kanit it
Mustapha Kanit
Winamax Team Pro
it 320,000 202,300
David Bach us
David Bach
us Out

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Holden No Chips

Sam Holden - on to more important matters
Sam Holden - on to more important matters

Sam Holden just walked over to our media table, and with a big smirk on his face, he said, "I busted."

We commented that he looked a little too chipper to have just been eliminated, and he had the quick rebuttal ready: "Hey. I'm already at the final table."

Fair enough, Sam. We asked how he went out, and he just shrugged and said, "Flip." Holden has been pretty short on chips all day, and his WSOPE Main Event has come to an end. Indeed, though, his WSOP Main Event is still going strong, and Holden will head back to Las Vegas next month just eight players away from poker immortality. He's the last of our November Niners to fall here in Cannes.

Sam Holden gb
Sam Holden
gb Out

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Jake "F****ng" Cody? Not Just Yet....

Without a doubt, the likes of Phil Hellmuth, Doyle Brunson, Erik Siedel, et al paved the way, and provided inspiration for the younger players to follow. One day, these guys will take over the mantle and create the next chapter in the history of poker. When they do, we are sure that Jake Cody will be at the very front of that group.

EricRamsey reported earlier that Cody had doubled his stack and we now know that he doubled up in a 270,000 pot against Vadim Ifergan. Ifergan held pocket tens and Cody held pocket aces in a pre flop all-in encounter. Talking about young guns and old warhorses, Johnny Chan is also working at the same table as Cody. Here is he is taking a few chips from the young pretender.

Cody raised from under the gun, Rifat Palevic called a few seats to his left and so did Chan in the small blind. The flop was {10-Diamonds} {6-Clubs} {2-Hearts} and Chan checked to Cody who bet 4,500. Palevic folded his hand but Chan made the call. The turn was the {J-Clubs} and both players checked. The river was the {7-Spades} and Chan put the decision onto Cody with a 13,000 bet and Cody folded his hand.

Jake Cody gb
Jake Cody
gb 250,000 -10,000
Vadim Ifergan
Vadim Ifergan
170,000 -180,000
Johnny Chan us
Johnny Chan
us 74,000 10,000

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Bord Shoves In


From under the gun, Andrew Moseley raised to 4,000. Action folded to the reigning champion James Bord on the button and he reraised all in for 25,800. Everyone folded and Bord picked up some chips.

James Bord gb
James Bord
gb 34,000 -29,000

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