Event #7: €10,400 Main Event Championship

Day 3 Seat Draw

11Bruno Moussi53100
12Max Joseph Silver187400
13Victor Ramdin156900
14Mathieu Pourrat172200
15Joe Cassidy173300
16Hans Winzeler259500
17Mathew Frankland259800
18Andy Moseley301400
21Chris Moorman167800
22Hoyt Corkins429900
23Michel Pomaret85800
24John Eames62500
25Dmitry Motorov149200
26Melanie Weisner118600
27Antony Lellouche185100
28Giuseppe Sammartino305900
31Imad Derwiche30000
32Michael Pesek125600
33Sergey Tikhonov212100
34Tom Bedell301900
35Robert Mizrachi110600
36Matt Waxman49600
37Giacomo Maisto79400
38Thibaud Guenegou279000
41Ricardo Tavares249500
42Emin Aghayev229300
43Rebecca Mordoff108100
44Wesley Pantling206100
45Arnaud Mattern237300
46Martin Jacobson180600
47Steven Moreau171600
48Brian Roberts233100
51Erik Friberg87300
52Megrous Kidhir139000
53Michel Cordobes40200
54Fernando Gomez89900
55Amir Lehavot109900
56Liv Boeree202300
57Erik Seidel291900
57Hyacinthe Bonnin296000
58Eric Sadoun109100
61Artem Litvinov115100
62Mike Leah56600
63Patrik Antonius228100
64Sean Dempsey74600
65Leo Boxell183900
66Benjamin Kessas40500
67Jake Cody323200
68Kunimaro Kojo90000
71Salman Behbehani61400
72Athanasios Polychronopoulos189700
73Michael Drummond172500
74Barny Boatman185200
75David Jaoui195900
77Nikolay Volper202200
78Alexander Dovzhenko125300
81Freddy Deeb133200
82Eduard Kapitonov92300
83John Duthie86400
84Daniel Smith108900
85Ramzi Jelassi187100
86Vadim Ifergan75100
87Michel Carvin48000
88Matan Krakow30000
91Chris McClung285500
92Joao Vide Barboso219200
93Alexander Kostritsyn194800
94Carbone Damiano86900
95Philippe Ktorza238000
96Casey Kastle95500
97Nicolas Leger91800
98Rifat Palevic353500
101Lari Sihvo53800
102Dermot Blain111500
103Jose De La Guardia168500
104David Zampini165900
105McLean Karr102400
106James Dempsey231100
107Nicolo Calia183900
108Michael Pedley145800
111Robert Giordano112500
112Ayaz Sadrudin Manji82600
113Pierre Neuville134000
114Barry Greenstein105600
115Joel Dodds270400
116Shawn Buchanan291400
117Fabrizio Gonzalez38000
118Constant Rijkenberg462800
121Ilan Boujenah241400
122Daniele Guidetti79500
123Sean Getzwiller57000
125Philippe Gellman90200
126John O'shea178000
127Yvan Maghrabi79200
131Juan Carlos Mortensen32400
132Stephen Chidwick109900
133Daniel Pelletier208800
134Pavel Ivan132000
135Kalil Rahal4900
136Jeremy Kottler212300
137James Bord70000
141Mads Wissing49500
142Remi Le Meur139300
153Juan Alvaradorodriguez172000
144Michael Watson87300
145Mustapha Kanit175400
146Dylan Wilkerson117400
147James Schafer157000
151Carlo Savinelli70200
152Maria Ho88400
154Pierre Yves Ayme83300
155Anatolii Ozhenilok133400
156Tony Guoga135400
157Elio Fox160000

Welcome to the Biggest Tournament in Europe: Day 3 of the WSOPE Main Event

Constant Rijkenberg - knows how to win a million euros.
Constant Rijkenberg - knows how to win a million euros.

Good afternoon and welcome to the Hotel Majestic Barriere for Day 3 of the €10,400 World Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE) main event championship. The most prestigious tournament to be held on European soil attracted 593 of the worlds greatest poker players. Over the past three days the players have been busy reducing that field size down to a more manageable chunk. Only 116 players remain and, although we have a long way to go, some prominent names are starting to make their poker shout and people are starting to prick up their ears.

As usual in a tournament as big as this, there was a lot of options available to the poker purist when it came to finding a table to watch. In the end there was simply no competition with table eight needing steel legs to prop it up because of the weight of all the chips. Four of the players who finished in the top ten chip counts were working hard at that table and they included Hoyt Corkins (429,900), Rifat Palevic (353,500), Jake Cody (323,200) and Tom Bedell (301,900). Just when we thought it was a lock that the chip leader would rise up from the heat of that particular table someone else emerged to lead the field. The very popular Constant Rijkenberg knows just what it is like to win a prize of over one million euros after taking down EPT San Remo in 2009 for €1,508,000. Rijkenberg looked cool as a cucumber, all day, and whilst table eight was spewing out heat, Rijkenberg didn't break a sweat, as he quietly went about his business growing his stack to 462,800.

Also in the top ten is the legend himself, the all-time money list leader, Erik Seidel (291,900) and potential player of the series (if there is such a thing) Shawn Buchanan (291,400). But it is still early days and there is plenty of time for the likes of Arnaud Mattern (237,300), James Dempsey (231,100) and Patrik Antonius (228,100) to make their presence known.

Action starts at 12.00 (CET) so make sure you stay right here with Pokernews for the greatest action in the poker world.

Event #7: €10,400 Main Event Championship
Dan 3 Start